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Meal Moments

Meal moments are all about making the most of quality time with the family. We know that mom can be busy, but one of the best times of the day is being able to sit down to a nice meal with her family. Even if she's on the go, these meal moments will help mom find inspiration from everything from breakfast to dinner to snacking in between!

One Protein – One Tortilla – 5 Ways: Thanksgiving Leftovers Edition

Your guests have gone home, cleanup is complete and now you’re staring at a mountain of leftovers. Rather than “enjoying” turkey sandwiches for a month, here are some tasty and easy recipes to liven up those leftovers. Note: Some recipes require a few additional ingredients to your traditional turkey meal. But don’t worry; having more cheese […]

A Spooky, Preservative-Free DIY Tortilla Chips Recipe

I love October. Pumpkin spice aside, it’s the time of year when I get to be super creative with the kids. There’s a magic in the crisp air that helps create those special moments – from pumpkin carving to costume design I’m ready to go full tilt mom mode! I’m always looking for simple and […]

Tailgate Food: Inspirational Recipes for Your Gameday Fix

If you know me, you know I love tailgating season. It’s a time for getting together with friends, family, and coming up with some awesome recipes to share. But “tailgate food” doesn’t have to be the traditional hamburgers, hotdogs, and brats. We’re pulling out all the stops for gameday with three tailgating recipes that are […]

Moms: It’s Time to Find Your Meal Moments

What is a moment? In today’s world, it seems like moments (and attention spans) go by faster and faster. At Azteca, we believe there are special times when the unbreakable bond of family gets its chance to shine. Meal Moments are the special times when family relies on mom to set the course, and have […]

Mornings on The Run: Fast School Lunches to Get You Out the Door in Record Time

Mom, or Formula One driver? When it comes to getting kids out the door and on their way in the morning, every second counts! Getting a great start to the day can set off a chain reaction of good karma, helping shape a positive outlook and mitigate stress. Add a little fun with Azteca Tortilla […]

In a Jam? Mexican Lasagna is a Crowd Pleaser for Last Minute Entertaining

Surprise! Family is popping by for a Summer weekend visit. We love weekends full of family and friends, but those frequent visits can really take a bite out of your routine. Preparing the house for parents, kids, dogs, and anything else that might show up for dinner is tough enough, but cooking too? While we […]

Keep Weekend Mornings Special: A Perfectly Sweet Treat Breakfast Your Kids Will Love

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Easy Grilled Steak Tacos


  • tortilla


  • spices


  • oil


  • meat


Take the stress out of cooking with these easy grilled steak tacos for your next family meal.

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