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Meal Hacks

Who doesn't love a good meal hack? With these hacks, we make meal preparation and ideas a breeze. From quick on-the-go tips to finding ways to change up your normal taco Tuesday, meal hacks are sure to make you say, "huh, I wish I thought of that!"

Tacos al Pastor

Azteca Fresh Flavors of the Season! Spring is coming (we promise) and soon fresh, ripe pineapple will reappear in the produce section of your grocery store – not too far from where you’ll find Azteca’s fresh, refrigerated tortillas and taco salad shells. Embrace the fresh flavors of the season with this delicious recipe for tacos […]

How to Make Thanksgiving Easy… (Easier)

For many, the Thanksgiving break is anything but. That’s doubly true when you’re hosting. But organizing and pre-making certain dishes can free you up to enjoy the holiday for what it should be – a time to savor good food & great company. Here are some simple steps to ensure that you’ll be able to […]

Let’s Get Fresh: Nutella, Banana, and Granola Roll Ups

I’m a nonstop momma, all day long. That fast-paced buzz doesn’t let up – especially during back to school time. This year I’ve been planning ahead of time to make sure the kids have fresh, preservative-free meals around the clock. It’s a process because as you know – you can’t plan meals that you don’t […]

Veggie and Hummus Roll Ups Keep My Kids Eating Right for Back to School

Tortilla Veggie Wrap Recipe

Trust me, I’m a big advocate for my kids eating well. So when I think about back to school time, I start to get nervous about having fresh, all-natural food wherever they go. I feel like this time of year I’m often too busy to do the right thing. After all, shifting into high gear from lazy summers […]

Get the Most Out of Every Meal with Azteca’s Meal Hacks

Sometimes looking like a rock star mom means having a few tricks up your sleeve… These days “life hacks” are all over the web. Sometimes they are about doing a familiar task in a new and more efficient way, other times they’re just about having more fun. At Azteca, we’re not ones for taking the […]

One Protein – One Tortilla – 5 Ways

Saving at the grocery store is getting harder and harder every year. Giving kids satisfying options throughout the week that they won’t get bored of when you’re limited on time doesn’t help, either. We’ve got five easy ways to get the most bang for your buck at the register and give your family a variety […]

5 Recipes to Lock In Your Cool Mom Status Next Practice

Nutella and Jam Wraps

Sports season and summer practices means the pressure is on to bring snacks your kids and everybody else’s will enjoy. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve that are sure to earn you big points with the team. These fun snack ideas are quick to make and easy to transport, and will keep well […]

3 Ways to Use the Extra Tortillas in the Bag

As a mom, seeing wasted food at the end of every week is so irritating. As connoisseurs of tortillas, we know sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with those leftover tortillas in the bag after you’ve finished meals for the week. Don’t throw them out! Get crafty! We’ve come up with a few […]


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Easy Grilled Steak Tacos


  • tortilla


  • spices


  • oil


  • meat


Take the stress out of cooking with these easy grilled steak tacos for your next family meal.

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